Shipping Terms

Order and Delivery
At EYLAE, we firmly believe that quality and affordability should go hand in hand. Therefore, we have decided to ship our products directly from our suppliers to your doorstep. This approach allows us to significantly reduce costs associated with storage, transportation, and packaging, enabling us to offer you our high-quality products at fair prices. By cutting out the middleman, we ensure that our savings are passed directly on to you, our valued customer.
Delivery Time
Our products are shipped directly from our suppliers to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery. Please note that the average delivery time typically ranges between 3 to 7 business days. It is important to understand that these are average estimates and not guaranteed delivery times. We continuously work on optimizing our delivery processes to bring your order to you as quickly as possible. Our commitment to improving logistics means you can trust us to handle your orders with the utmost care and efficiency.
Free Shipping
EYLAE is a globally operating company with our main logistics center located in China. To provide our customers with the best possible experience, we offer free shipping on orders over 150 Euros. This policy makes our products more accessible to our customers. Any returns, however, are at the customer's expense. We strive to offer a seamless shopping experience, and our free shipping policy is part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.
Returns at Customer's Expense
We place great emphasis on your satisfaction and always strive to offer high-quality products. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase or need to make changes to your order, please note that the cost of returning products is your responsibility. We are here to assist you and make the return process as smooth as possible, answering any questions you may have along the way. Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you navigate the return process efficiently and with minimal hassle.
We are committed to providing you with an outstanding shopping experience and continually improving our services. We thank you for your trust in our products and services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
Expanded Details
At EYLAE, we take pride in our ability to offer premium products at prices that won't break the bank. Our direct shipping model eliminates several layers of additional costs typically associated with traditional retail. By receiving your items straight from our suppliers, you avoid the overhead costs of warehousing, multiple shipping stages, and excessive packaging. This method not only helps us keep our prices competitive but also allows us to invest more in the quality and innovation of our products.
Optimizing Delivery
Understanding that timely delivery is crucial, we have streamlined our logistics to ensure that our suppliers are well-equipped to handle and dispatch your orders promptly. The 3 to 7 business day timeframe is based on our analysis of average shipping durations, but please bear in mind that factors such as location, shipping carrier, and unforeseen circumstances can influence these times. We are committed to transparency and will keep you informed every step of the way, from order confirmation to delivery.
Global Logistics and Free Shipping
Our central logistics hub in China plays a pivotal role in our ability to offer competitive prices and free shipping on orders exceeding 150 Euros. This threshold is set to ensure that we can sustainably provide this benefit while managing our operational costs effectively. Free shipping is a significant part of our customer-centric approach, aimed at enhancing the overall shopping experience by reducing additional financial burdens on our customers.
Handling Returns
We understand that sometimes returns are necessary, whether due to product issues or a change of mind. While we do require customers to bear the cost of returning items, we endeavor to make this process as convenient as possible. Detailed return instructions and support from our customer service team ensure that you have all the necessary information and assistance to complete your return with ease. We value your feedback on our return process, as it helps us improve and adapt to better meet your needs.
Commitment to Improvement
Our dedication to your satisfaction extends beyond just the products we offer. We are continually seeking ways to enhance your overall shopping experience, from the moment you place an order to the post-purchase support we provide. Your feedback is invaluable to us, guiding our efforts to refine our processes and services. Thank you for choosing EYLAE, where quality and affordability meet to bring you exceptional products and service.

EYLAE prioritizes quality and affordability by shipping products directly from suppliers, reducing costs, and offering competitive prices. We strive for efficient delivery within 3 to 7 business days and offer free shipping on orders over 30 Euros, though returns are at the customer's expense. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes transparent communication, a streamlined return process, and continuous service improvement. Thank you for trusting EYLAE with your shopping needs.